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Want some great Northwest Paddle Surfers gear?  Check out our store. We've got you covered.  Ultra-warm hoodies, Bigfoot SUP tees, inflatable belt PFDs and more...
NWPS on Evening Magazine!
Jeff Underwood gives reporter Michael King a SUP lesson.  He proves just how easy this sport really is!
PaddleFlow™ Yoga
Try our SUP Yoga at Juanita Beach Park in Summer, 2015. Super stable boards on warm lake water!

Northwest Paddle Surfers is your source for Everything SUP (Stand Up Paddle) in the Pacific Northwest! Register for SUP lessons, tours, and rentals at one of  our Greater Seattle waterfront locations. We are located in Kirkland on Lake Washington at both Juanita Beach Park and Marina Park. At Juanita Beach Park, we have kayaks as well. There you can also try PaddleFlow™ Yoga. We also have rentals within Lake Chelan State Park in North Central Washington. Check out our Events Calendar for a thorough list of races, expos, and demo days in the Puget Sound region and beyond. Check out our Online Store for the latest NWPS apparel and accessories.

SUP is short for “Stand Up Paddle” boarding. When riding waves, it’s also known as “Paddle Surfing”. Now everyone can feel the glide while paddling a surfboard across the water’s surface. The “stoke” is not just for our coastal brethren!

Northwest Paddle Surfers can answer all questions you may have about SUP boards and paddles. Shapes and sizes vary dramatically for different desired uses. We also can help outfit you with the appropriate gear for safe and fun paddling. Big or small, young or old, SUP is for everyone, and we’ve got you covered!


Summer fun on Lake Chelan!

We look forward to seeing you on the water soon!