Blackfish Nootka 3-Piece Adjustable Paddle

The ideal blade shape for surfing, doing yoga or just paddling across the local lake. This blade is the best-selling classic teardrop shape. The dihedral allows for clean water entry, a stable catch phase and a clean exit. This blade is both light and durable with the unique fishskin technology (fiberglass with a highly durable top sheet). Breaks down into 3 pieces to fit into iSUP bags. Adjustable


Blade Angle: 8 degrees
Blade Surface Area: 520 cm2.
Ergo Handle, ABS rails for durability

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Accent “Rush” 3 Piece Adjustable Carbon Nylon Paddle

The Rush is an excellent all around 3 piece travel SUP paddle.  It offers a smooth carbon shaft for exceptional comfort, grip and control on the water.  The long, narrow blade promotes ease of use paddling and keeps you on the water longer.  The 16″ custom LeverLock adjustment system is simple to use and works for the whole family.

  • High Stroke Rate blade design
  • Smooth Carbon Shaft
  • Durable fiberglass reinforced nylon blade
  • Blade dihedral for confidence inspiring forward strokes
  • Easy to use LeverLock adjustment system
  • 93 sq in blade area
  • 31 oz (879g) weight
  • 8 degree blade angle
  • 70″ to 86″ adjustment range (5′ to 6’4″ paddlers)
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Cannon Boost Adjustable Fiberglass Paddle

The Boost stand up paddle has become a quick favorite with paddlers looking for a great performing paddle manufactured with durable “no worries” materials. Constructed using durable fiberglass for the shaft and a proprietary filled fiberglass nylon blade to add a new standard of strength to polymer blades. White blade for high visibility when retrieving from water. Forward contoured ergo T-handle grip. This is the paddle we use in our rental fleet. We’ve tried dozens of models from various manufacturers, and this is the best all-around paddle we’ve found!

Material: Fiberglass Shaft, Fiberglass-reinforced Nylon Blad
Length: 68″ to 80″ and 74″ to 86″
Blade Width: 8.25″
Blade Length: 18″
Blade Surface Area: 95 in²
Adjustment range: 12″
Paddle Weight: 33 oz.

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Red Paddle Co Glass & Nylon Adjustable 70-86″ 3 Piece Paddle

Light-weight, durable 3 piece travel paddle which fits inside most inflatable board bags for convenient travel.


  • 3 piece paddle
  • Usage: All round/River
  • Blade: Nylon
  • Shaft: Glass
  • Adjustment: Cam Lock
  • Adjustable range: 180 – 220 cm (70 – 86 inches)
  • Weight: 34.2 oz or 970 grams
  • Fits in Red Paddle Co travel bag
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